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shotgun smith for Rem. 11


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I have my Granfather's Remington model 11 20 gauge now. While it is not set up for shotgun racing it is or could be a cool shotty.

Problem is it does not eject empty sheels consistently -- the second or 3rd round. It looks clean inside the action but all is not quite right.

It is not a beauty but could be a good shooter -- especially since wallys has 20 gauge shells on the shelf!!

Anybody reccomend a Smith who has knowledge of humpback patterns?


Dan C

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I have a local smith helping me with a family Model 11 right now. I could give you his number but he is on the other side of the US. Great guy to deal with though. I would take a look at your friction ring setting. You may have it set for heavier loads than you are shooting, leading to weak ejection. The diagrams are posted online. Hopefully you can get it running smooth soon!

In case you didn't know, the gun is basically a Browning Auto 5 clone so there is a ton of information out there. What ammo are you using? Payload and dram equivalent?

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