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Here we go!

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a ranch where shooting was part of life. At an early age I became interested in how firearms worked and at 14 I built my first black powder revolver from a kit.

Bought my first 1911 when I was 19 but did not shoot it very much back then.

Fast forward to 3 years ago and my wife and I started shooting Cowboy Action. About that same time I started building and shooting long range benchrest rifles along with some local tactical rifle matches.

And then it happened, my good friend and shooting buddy says "let's have a informal 3 gun match at the ranch", well that was all it took. I did ok at that match but last weekend I attended my first organized match and I sucked canal water! Dead last except for some poor soul that DQ,ed. So lets start a training/range diary.

I have most of my gear and guns and everything is running well so far.

Shotgun; I practice the SG weak hand load 4-5 times a week and can load 4 pretty consistently in 4 seconds. Bought 2 of the AP custom load 2's (twins) and can load 8 in 6.5 seconds fairly easy. Shot 2 rounds of trap last Thursday 23/25 both times. I plan on shooting again this week.

I have patterned the SG and have my drops for slugs.

Rifle; mounted a 1.75-5x scope on it zeroed it for 200 and have my drops on it to 550 yards. Practiced 2 shot drills from port arms this week and will do multiple targets and mag change drills this week. Also I plan on doing shooting on the move drills. And position drills.

Pistol; I have been shooting a 1911 but I am going to change to a M&P that I just picked up this year. I love that 1911 but I need more ammo! I have been doing 1 & 2 shot drills, mag changes and watching Rob Leatham videos. I have shot Weaver most of my life so the pistol is going to take a lot of work. I will also work on shooting while moving with the pistol this week.

Transitions; I will work on these as well.

Physical; hike or walk 3 times this week minimum.

I hope everyone has a great week.


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Well in the past couple of weeks I have done the following;

1) practiced 1&2 shot drills, plate rack, grip/stance and target acquisition.

2) made up reduced "A zone" sized targets and put them all over the house. It is amazing how much this has helped me on target acquisition.

3) found out the local range has a plate rack but they remove the plates after a match. I asked the rangemaster if he would mind If I used my own plates to practice and he said no problem. I had some scrap 1/2" steel so I cut out 6 and my wife went down and tried it out, worked great and the cost was 4 hours labor and 12 bolts and nuts.

4) installed a muzzle brake and took the trigger down to 3.5 lbs on my AR. I was very surprised by the difference it made. I even hit a .99 first shot and a 1.16 second shot from port arms (once).

5) attended a local pistol match not USPSA or IDPA, just some of us locals. Had great time and ended up third out of 19.

6) shot my second USPSA match, met some great guys and shot better than last time.

7) joined USPSA

8) ordered, bullets & powder. Dies for .40 & 9mm, & caliber conversions for my Dillon.

9) loaded 700 rounds for the NBRSA Long Range National Championship his next week.

10) gathered up all my brass and tumbled and sorted ALL of it. Man that felt great to get that done! Had more than I thought.


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