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Hey guys just wanted to take a minute to say hi. Recently bought myself a glock 22 for my birthday and it has since grown into a full on addiction lol. I took my cpl class back in january and my instructor is an idpa shooter and he showed us the right way to shoot a pistol and now i'm thinking about shooting a little idpa to kinda get my feet wet and we'll see where it goes from there. Just picked up a glock 34 last week along with some of the range gear i'll need. Kinda excited to give this sport a try as its completely out of my element. I come from a world of slow methodical 3d archery shooting so its taking me some time to build speed but I figure in about 200,000 or so rounds I should be getting better lol. I got a dillon 650 on the way because it didn't take me long to figure out buying factory ammo will make a guy broke in a hurry. Anyway thats kind of a little run down on me. Hopefully I can be an asset to the forum someday but as of now i'm just kind of sitting back and doing alot of reading/learning.

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