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2013 Oklahoma Ruger Rimfire Challenge (May 11, & 12)


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Saw this on the Ruger site. Looks like NSSF is not the leading sponsor and it is back with Ruger.

Can anyone tell me about the OK event?

Is this a 2 day shoot or can you shoot either day?

Do you have to be present to win the drawings for the prizes? (I would be pressed for time and would have to shoot and leave).

Do the juniors only shoot rifle as listed on the Iowa event or do they shoot both pistol and rifle?

Any other info. on this event or any of the other Ruger Rimfire Challenge events would be appreciated.

I was hoping there would be more events a little closer to my home but maybe next year.

Also, I hope .22 ammo becomes more available for all of us to practice more!!!



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Contact the OK match director to get the information on their match. May go to it this year, still working on plans.

State matches are usually shot in one day. Two days usually allows you to shot one or the other.

You could have somebody else pickup your prize if you cannot stay. On multi day state matches that I have been to you draw a number and it is asigned a prize. You draw your number sometime during the day you shoot.

The World shoot prize table is order of finish.

Iowa match junior shooter deal is a Iowa law thing.

You will find all skill levels at these matches.

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