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Hi Aglifter,

My name is John Cromie and I am one of the guys who invented the TacPlate product you are referencing above. By now anyone who has tried to follow your link has noticed that the webpage is down. We have recently sold our technology to 5.11 Tactical, and so hopefully very soon you will see a 3rd generation of the product available through them (We are working towards a summer launch). The new version will be called "Zero-G Plates."

I am happy to answer any questions about the product (including what it is, since you can't read that on the wedpage anymore), but I would like to be respectful of this forum and not turn this thread into an advertising campaign (unless the moderators are ok with with a product functionality discussion her). Feel free to contact me directly through our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AtlasLBE or contact me by email at jwcromie@gmail.com. (

Thanks for everyone's time and interest.


PS - To answer Aglifter's question above: they make a huge difference for officers who wear full rigs for long days. Our data on competition shooters is much more limited in that we have only had a few officers who also happened to be competitive shooters, but they all purchased a second set of TacPlates for their competition rig and were very pleased. The stiffness of your belt might reduce the impact the TacPlate has on weapon presentation, but the pressure distribution and posture assistance will make your rig much more comfortable.

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