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Practiscore Stage Summary Paper Backup Scoresheet for Lvl1 Matches


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I have a new form for the paper backup scoresheets for use with Practiscore, since the fortune cookie slips of paper form drives me crazy. The fields on the form exactly duplicate the order of the summary screen in PS. All you have to do is put in the stage number, shooter name, and then almost mindlessly copy numbers from the device in the same order to the form. We tried this last weekend and it worked really well. What I observed was people putting the forms on a fullsize clipboard and putting the nook (which is what we use) on top of the forms. The nook is accidentally almost the same size as one of the quadrants of the paper, so they were placing the device over one quarter of the form and copying off the data to the other quarter of the form directly opposite it. So you could just carry around the device and the scoresheet conveniently at the same time instead of having to run back to a table to do the paper. Here it is.

practiscore lvl1 stage summary scoresheet.pptx.pdf

And if the match all went to hell and I had to, I think I could readily score a match directly into ezws with this form. I'd be screaming and cursing the entire time, but no where near as much as if I had to do it from the fortune cookie slips.

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