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Pro Chrono Digital USB or Remote?

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Just got a Pro Chrono Digital and am either going to get the remote or the USB hookup to connect to my netbook.

Anyone use either of these setups? I am leaning towards the USB setup because I am basically using the laptop as a remote. It saves everything to the netbook and calculates power factors. It is also about half the price.

Anything I should know about that would influence my decision?

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Price wise, the USB is the way to go. Another plus is that depending on your vision, the laptop is a lot easier to see than the chrono screen. The obvious downside is that you have to take a laptop with you to the range. I've also heard the software leaves much to be desired. I've been going back and forth as well. I really wish the remotes were more reasonably priced. I have a hard time justifying paying the same price for the box as I paid for the chrono.

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My netbook is pretty small so I have no issues bringing it with me. Maybe I'll just buy it from Midway and return it if it sucks.

I did hear the software kinda blows but I believe the updated it with new firmware.

I got the chrono for my birthday from my girl so the price of the add on isn't a deal breaker but I get what you mean about it costing almost the same as the chrono itself. I think I read something about the remote being able to upload to the pc as well.

Decisions decisions

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