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Duracoat violate production rules?

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I want to duracoat the lower body of my XDM another color and leave the slide black.... would this somehow violate the production guidelines and put me into open class? 21.2a in the rules talks about slide refinishing but i see no mention of refinishing any other parts of the weapon.

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Reread 21.2a:

"Per existing NROI ruling, cosmetically enhancing the

finish of a slide is already ALLOWED in Production

Division, provided that the finish provides no competitive


This clause is NOW interpreted to specifically

ALLOW refinishing the frame, as well as the slide,

subject to the existing constraints on refinishing (cosmetic

only, no competitive advantage).

Special Notes/Clarifications:

• Any finish which provides a noncosmetic function

will be deemed PROHIBITED. For example, a gun

finish which provides a roughened texture in an area

where grip tape is not allowed (Appendix E4) is a

PROHIBITED modification."

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thats kind of what i thought... i pulled the book right from USPSA website but must have the wrong link or something. I remember see something about painting the magwell being illegal but couldnt find anything on the frame..


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