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115gr X treme rn


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I just picked up some x treme bullets look like the Rainier bullets, (having a hard time getting Rainier) I am loading mixed brass, 115gn rn copper coated/ jacketed with 4.8 win 231 at 1.115oal, by my old loading notebook was a very accurate load, shooting Glock 17, 19 and 26 I have not loaded much since 1998.

Anyone famillier with the Xtreme bullets??? And by what I'm reading around here would a heavier bullet have less kick??

Finally back at it.

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I run them in 9 and .40 without issue. No smoke and they're very accurate.

A heavier bullet with less powder usually feels softer at the same power factor.

I use their 147 grain in 9mm and it makes a very soft load.

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Welcome back to reloading..... To ME the heavier the bullet the less the recoil is felt.. Really like the 147s but actually shoot more 124s. (cost and availability) 115s only when I have to buy factory from Wally World.

Welcome to the Brain Enos Forums...! cheers.gif

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