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Dillon xl 650 pics

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I am needing some pics of the side view of the powder drop system. I am having some issues and I have called dillon, and the problem is me trying to explain to them what is happening so I am going to try and compare a pic of one working properly to mine. The problem is when I raise the ram to bell the mouth and drop the powder the "gold things" that the fail safe rod goes through :unsure: is getting hung up on the frame right below the powder bar. Any help would be appreciated

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OK I am an idiot, I figured it out. The plug that holds the spacer bar in place broke on me last week and I am waiting on a replacement from dillon, so I got to messing around with it and figured I would just strip the flux off of a welding rod and put it in the hole so I can reload until I get the plug in. Well what was happening was the rod was catching the cut out of the powder bar and made it look like the gold pieces were hanging on the frame of the powder drop. :blink: Thanks for the help anyways

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