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KWA/KJW NS2 and accuracy questions


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So I went to my friendly local airsoft shop yesterday to pick up my son's repaired AK, and asked them about pistols, specifically KWA. The guy at the counter told me that they had sent half their KWA pistols back to the factor because the new NS2 gas system was not as reliable. I know KWA PTs are popular for competition training and was wondering if there were any thoughts on this. He recommended KJW, and maybe it doesn't really matter. A neighbor shoots in local competitions (Utah) that are associated with the local branch of the IDPA. He has been training with a KJW Sig Sauer 226, which, according to some accounts, will group within 2" at 25 ft. I come from a pellet pistol background, and we are impressed by dime sized groupings at that distance, but that sounds fine to me.

So questions:

- Are there any obvious reliability problems with NS2 gas pistols that you've heard of?

- Does the pistol choice depend largely on the rules and regulations of the governing body, i.e. open sights vs. red dots, etc. or should I just get something with good reviews?

- If you were to put your pistol on a sandbag or in a clamp, how tight would your groups be at 25 ft?

- My shop guy recommende sniper bbs for tighter groupings. I think he said .3 grams. Thoughts?

Thank you for your patience and I am not trying to troll the group--I genuinely don't know much about this, thanks.

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There's a bunch of fairly new blowback pellet guns that are more accurate than airsoft.

More recoil, too.

Check out the Umarex CO2 powered ones.

They require a better backstop and the CO2 cartridges don't last too long, but they are excellent trainers.

About $100.

Pyramydair.com has the full line.

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