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what's your favorite XDm 5.25 40 S&W load


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Hi all,

I'm going from a Kimber 45 ACP shooting limited 10 (major power factor) to an XDm 40 with a 5.25 barrel. My XDm is currently at Springer Precision getting a new trigger.

For my 1911's in 45 ACP and my XDm 9 I shoot precision bullets and plan on shooting the same brand for he 40. I have experimented with 155g and 180g bullets with the 40. At the present time I like the performance of the 180g. I should mention that I have been shooting various jacket bullets purchased locally.

Has any one found that their XDm 40 (5.25 ) prefers a particular weight bullet.

My currant load is

Mixed brass.

CCI small pistol

6.3g of HS-6

Hornady 180 HAP

Average of 935 fps bringing me in at just under 170 PF.


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I use Precision Delta 180's TC (switching to MG 180 HPs)with 4.4 gr N320 at 1.125. Probably a little low PF for major, but that's where I started for the XDM 5.25 and it shoots great. Will crono when the weather gets better and I get some time!!!!

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