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Externally visible internals.

Ty Hamby

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Has anyone heard if the lifter is an internal device or external. The question is about a welded lifter in DMG. Rule #7 states that reliability to enhance feeding is legal while no externally visible modification is allowed (#6). Can we modify the internals that are externally visible? What say you?

PERMITTED Modifications (Inclusive list)

1. Side saddle, fore end carrier and/or butt cuffs, Redi-Mags, mag cinches to hold

spare ammunition

2. Addition of tritium, fiber optic, express or ghost ring sights.

3. Aftermarket stocks that add a pistol grip and/or loading device

4. Internal reliability work.

5. Custom finishes may be applied

6. Internal action work may be used to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is

Maintained (no visible external modifications allowed)

7. Reliability work may be done to enhance feeding and ejection.

8. Magazine extension tubes that do not extend past the muzzle.

9. Rifles and shotguns may have lights attached but may only be turned on after the

start signal.

10. Extended safety button.

11. Extended bolt handle

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