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Burris Fastfire II on 22/45?


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Does anyone use the Burris FastFire II on a Burris dovetail mount on their 22/45 for SC? I have one laying around and thought it could work. Is the 4 moa dot large enough? Does it get bright enough without washing out in the sun? I guess I could try it our myself, but thought I'd ask before I bit the bullet (certainly, no pun intended!) and buy the dovetail mount.


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I used a Burris Fastfire on my TacSol 2011 conversion. The dot was bright enough but alittle small for me. I ran it beside a C-more and perferred C-more for larger lense size and 8 moa dot. The C-more with 8 moa dot is my go to choice now.

That being said you have Burris now get the base and see if it suits your eye/taste. Find others it your area and look at/try their setup.


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Thanks, Bearcave.

I have a C-More on my model 41 and was hoping to get away without the expense of another C-More. The weight of the C-More on an otherwise relatively light gun is sort of putting me off. I might just sell the Fastfire and invest in another C-More.

Thanks again.

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