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Beginner holster question


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Currently I have a bunch of Glocks but mainly shoot a G17, a G22 and G34 (all GEN3 models). A close range hosts Steel Challenge matches monthly and when I have gotten an opportunity to shoot there, I use a regular leather belt and a 5.11 paddle holster. Being a little on the tall bulky side (6'3" and 280#), my draws are definitely not very fast, so I am workng on that. This range also hosts USPSA matches, so I am getting interested in participating in Production and/or Limited, which leads me up to the following questions:

* I have read quite a bit on here about the CR Speed and Double Alpha belts. My question here is do either of these work better for tall fellas carrying a spare tire? :blush: I realize that they are both approximately the same width, but is there anything else about the designs that should push me to one over the other?

* I am thinking about getting the BladeTech DOH holster, thinking that will make it a little easier for my draw.

(A) Any recommendations in regards to the 2 belt attachments?

(B) Does anyone here know if the current BT DOH models will work with a GEN4 G34/G35? I am a member of GSSF and have my pistol certificate trying to talk me into another pistol. :rolleyes:

* Is there a particular mag pouch that anyone would recommend for my setup? Currently I have a few odd pieces (such as some 1 mag Kydex holders and a Fobus 2 mag holder) - they do the job for Steel Challenge BUT as for USPSA, I am open to suggestions.

Right now, I am reading up here for pointers, practicing my grip, sight picture and draw, and will hopefully get some more trigger time soon (the hardest part of this :unsure: ), so hopefully I will do better on my next match.

Thanks in advance.

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I just bought a Bladetech DOH holster from Dawson Precision. I had a bunch of questions for them before I ordered it and they were very helpful. Unfortunately the questions I had were different than yours.

The holster is noticeably faster than my old one, but for safety reasons I'm going to adjust the cant to straight down.

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Neither belt has any benefits or drawbacks for different body types. The main benefit is that the outer belt velcros on so its easier to take your rig on and off when you get to the range and leave. Others may be better resources for the holster questions, but I doubt you'll have trouble with the DOH. Mostly getting started, bring what you got and shoot it. Others will offer gear and help where they can. You'll see other people's gear and decide what you want for yourself.

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