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M41 Recoil Spring


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Hi Folks.

New to the forum, but have been lurking and learning for quite a while. I'd appreciate your opinions on the following:

I want to shoot Steel Challenge with my S&W model 41 with CCI SV ammo. What spring weights have you had the most success with? I started with the standard 7-1/2#, tried the 7# spring and now have gotten down to 6-1/2# and the gun seems to cycle better, the lower weight spring I use. Next time out, I'll try the 6# spring, which is the lightest spring I think is made for the M41. If it improves, but still doesn't cycle reliably, I'm wondering if any of you have cut coils off the 6# spring with any success?

Is there any danger of damaging the gun with the light springs?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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I've used the 6# and 6.5# springs for my M41 with great success. I only use SV ammo and it never had a problem with them cycling and no jams with my current setup. My current setup is with a Bully barrel, DP sight, 6.5# spring and it runs about everything I put in it.

Welcome to the Forum!

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Thanks, gng4life. Glad to know you run the lighter springs with have no concerns about frame damage.

I'll run the 6# spring and hope to have fewer malfunctions, mostly FTF's. Wish I had bought the bully barrel while Ray was still making them. One of my greatest regrets. Haven't had any luck finding a used one either. No one wants to give them up!

Thanks again,


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