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Monthly 3 Gun - AIM Academy - Blakely, GA

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Please join us at AIM this Sunday for our first 3 Gun match. Registration will start at 8:00, briefing at 8:45, shooting by 9:00. Competition should complete by 2:00. We will be designing all stages, and there will be a great variety for all guns. Longest rifle shots will be 200yds on "A/C" size steel, and 75yds on some 6" steel.

We will offer 6 stages, and if you shoot each paper twice, expect a minimum 75rds pistol, 100rds rifle, 55rds birdshot. Stage designs will be out by Thursday, but here's a quick idea of what you will see...

Stage 1- Jungle Run into cleared area 24rds birdshot, 24 rds rifle (rifle mix of close range paper and 75-200yd steel)

Stage 2- Pistol Bay Pistol 32rds

Stage 3- Pistol Bay Pistol/Rifle 28rds, 28rds

Stage 4- Corner Bay+ adjacent bay Pistol/Rifle 36rd rifle, 16rds pistol

Stage 5- Pistol Bay Shotgun 30rds birdshot

Stage 6- Pistol Bay Rifle 26rds

Again, stages will remain set up once the match is complete so it will be a great opportunity for some extra trigger time/training. Match fee for 3 Gun matches will be $25, not $20 as with our USPSA Pistol Matches. This due to the amount of clays, targets, paint, and supplies that we will go through. Any stages requiring multiple guns will not require slings (guns will be staged). Outlaw scoring/rules will be in affect with one adjustment. Failure to neutralize paper will result in a 2.5 sec penalty, and un-hit paper will result in a 5 second penalty. Steel targets past 50yds that are left un-hit will still be a 10 second penalty. So, in short, with the exception of steel at distance, penalties will be half what they normally are. New shooters, bring what you have and there will be plenty of shooters that will loan shotguns and rifles if needed. The Pro Shop has some great deals on ammo if you don't have enough. Thanks again everyone, I hope to see you all out there!

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