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Need beta testers for Match Registration site

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Hey everyone - I've been working to create a match registration site to help everyone with match signups and collect match fees.

This will be a 100% free service for you. You can accept PayPal payments (charges the registrant 99 cents for this option), download Excel file with all your entries, create mail merge score sheets pre filled out from the excel file, limit then number of registrants, AND MORE.

I just need a few people who are willing to give it a test run for a local match or even major match. We have run it a few times at our local match and have found no issues yet.


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Shoot'n Score It also allows you to create a 'match shop' and offer various items and registration fees to you competitors. When you recieve payments using paypal the items that as been ordered will be marked as paid in SSI. Saves lots of time especially when handling registrations, typically a shooter registers - and his registration will be set to pending, once you have recieved payment (easy to see as organizer, just see when his payment status changes form 'no' to 'all') you change his/hers registration from 'pending' to 'approved'. Feature currently in used in several 200+ shooter matches and saves a ton of time for you as organizer.


/ Jens

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