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need help with small last min. multi gun cof's

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helping with a new small 3 gun match, IDPA defensive multigunish, need pointed in right direction for finding cof/stage libary, the pinned ones on this forum links are broken, google search has been fruitless!

looking for a 2 or 3 gun stage 150 yards max, some pistol shotty steel, lots of idpa targets, only 2 ar steel

can com up with clays

range owner decieded sunday at an idpa match to have multi gun match on 31st. since there wasn't a match any where local!


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stages depend on range layout...but....

If this is new to you, the most important thing is paying attention to bullet path/line of fire - use the shooters boxes if necessary to maintain safe field of fire.

Use the ar steel @ the longest yardage and use spotters to call hits, can require multiple hits from multiple postions.

For a small event just making it up on the fly is often easier than trying to plan as long as you do it early enough before the event. Have all your target stands and props ready to go, then all you have to do is final assemply/stapling the morning of or night before.

for idpa carboard layout don't overthink it, but just make sure to vary grouping/hardcover/no shoots. A mixture of fast easy shots and more difficult ones around no shoots or at angles, around walls if available as appropriate for range layout.

designate pistol vs rifle targets by size/type of target type or grouping of targets.

If you need to reset, mark the ground with paint or other markers along with a simple as possible diagram.

If this is not new to you, you already know everything I just wrote.

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