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Toshiba Thrive tablet

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My goal was to get a tablet that my mom could use. The was to be her first computer with the internet, FB, etc. She turned 87 just after Christmas.

After going to the bestbox store I settled on the Thrive due to many things but the grippy rear cover was actually a nice touch and easy for her to hold. The screen is just over 10" and plenty bright in most cases that she'll be in.

The thrive at $399 has two USB ports (one full size on mini) an SD card slot, HDMI out, and wifi. This was tons more features that the same price ipadlet. It uses the latest Android Honey comb OS, operating system which is so simple it should embarrass MS for their WinBloat products...but I digress.

She picked it up pretty quickly. I made icons for the home screen, put some recipes apps/links on another, and finally a few games on another screen. She swipes back and forth to gets between them with relative ease. The pop up keyboard is really quite usable too.

Mom also really seemed to enjoy the experience. Which I felt was great for her. I think it is pretty much a mind blowing experience for someone who grew up during the depression wearing sack cloth dresses to a device you can carry around and get every answer you could think up. This technology still blows me away and I'm pretty much a nerd by any measure.

Anyway, I just thought I'd follow up on the thrive after testing it -er setting it up for her...and after she had time to try it out.


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