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Dawson on the M&P 22 Pistol?


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I bought the M&P22 pistol as a trainer for my other M&P center fire pistols and I want to get it as close as I can to identical. I have Dawson front sights on the others and would like to put them on the 22 but notices that the front sight is different in one regard. There is a set screw in it and I wonder if it's that way because of the 22's slide material is different. I wonder if I try to press a Dawson into the dovetail if it would damage the slide? Maybe it's done that way for just that reason?

Anyone have any insight on this?


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Just FYI, I ordered a 021-035 Front Sight (.160 Tall x .125 Wide) and installed it. I'd suggest that the normal fitting process may not apply to this sight/pistol since the slide is zinc I believe. I filed down the front edge until it slid in by hand and secured it with red Loktite just to see if the positioning was where I wanted it. I had planned to remove it and drill/tap it just like the factory sight and probably will down the road, but the Loktite is holding better than expected. I'm sure the next time I get CLP in there it'll loosen up and I'll get it tapped and back in.

If anyone is wondering why all of the extra steps, it's because I don't think the small amount of material for the front of the dovetail will withstand the formal fitting process and I didn't want to break my slide. YMMV.

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