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I just wanted to say hello. I'm Chris from Virginia Beach. I've been shooting all my life, but I started competing this year. I've been lurking here for years, so I decided to join and participate since I've found so much awesome information here. I'm currently shooting USPSA Production with a Glock 35 (mods - FO front sight and a recoil spring that will cycle the Atlanta Arms minor loads). I shoot rimfire pins with a stock S&W 22-A1 and an old S&W 22-A with a (mind went blank) red dot. I'll probably start some Ruger Rimfire this month since the wife plays the rimfire games with me.

Let's see, hmm, the vitals:

32 yo white male

originally from Fair Play, SC

electrical engineer (Clemson)

married since 2000 (11 yrs as of now)

former USMC 0351 (1997-2001; 2003)

lots of guns

wicked good at COD: Black Ops

terrible at fly fishing, but I do it every chance I get



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Chris, welcome to the forums and Thank You for you service to our country. This is a great forum and the members have a lot to do with making it so great. Enjoy your time and pass along some of your knowledge with the shooting sports to others. :cheers:

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