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Sleep Apnea


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So we had a nasty storm blow through last night. We knew some areas were going to get pounded, and we likely were not going to be one of them.

I had a few glow sticks out of the pantry, and my battery back-up for the CPAP machine ready just in case. Normally, even in a bad storm the power is only out a few hours.

Well the lights went out at 9pm. I stayed up until 10pm, then toddled off to bed. Unfortunately just as I was finally getting to sleep around 10:40pm, the battery back-up failed.

Crap, I've lost 80+ pounds so hopefully the apnea is less severe, but I haven't slept a minute in 7+ years without the CPAP machine.

I tossed for half an hour, then said screw it.

I pulled the generator out of the garage and hauled it up to the porch, chained it to the railing, and ran my super duty 14/2 extention cord up to the bedroom. Fuelled it up and fired the beast up for the first truly long duration run of it's life.

The power came back on by 1:30 am, so I ran downstairs and shut it down. This mornings alarm bell was not welcome to my ears. I may have gotten 2 hours sleep.

Here's hoping if i can lose another 50 lbs I can shake the damned sleep apnea, cause this is just annoying.

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