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Witness Elite Limited Grip Size


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I am looking for a witness elite limited so I can see if I can reach all the controls without any problems or do I need to look for something different all together. I have medium hand size and want to handle the gun before I send some money for one. I have called several gun shops in the area and every one of them do not carry EAA guns or ask my why would you want one. Any help would be much appreciated.

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If you tell us where you live, somebody maybe nearby and can meet you at a range and let you try one out.

Alternately, if a gun shop has a CZ Tactical Sport, it'll give you a good idea of the grip and access to controls. Or if they have a Witness Match, it'll be comparable for controls access, but you'll be missing the checkering on the front strap.

Although I wear a large size glove, I still had to shift my grip to hit the mag release on my Witness Limited (as well the Match) with stock grips. Installing Henning's grips makes just enough of a difference in that I don't have shift my grip as much... more of a loosening of pressure on the palm now.

Also if you feel that the trigger is too far out, Henning's flat trigger system brings the trigger much further in.

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Hey Taylor are you going to be at Sir Walter Saturday. If you are looking for a thinner grip than you should try one with The Henning thin grip Panels over the factory grip. I find that with those grips the limited feels a lot like My wife's CZ TACTICAL SPORT. The Controls are all nice size the thumb safety is a dream.

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