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Went to the eye Doc for the annual exam today. For the close up reading test he flips a chart in front of my face and told me to read the top line. I kid you not...."DVCBLPT" I let out a chuckle when I read the first three letters. He asked what's up, but didn't feel like going into it, not sure if he is a gun guy, plus I was already late for work, and didn't want to extend my appointment any longer.

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That's good!

My eye doctors (husband and wife team) are not gun people, but when they first found out that I shoot, they actually took time to ask me if there was anything special they could do or take care off like paying more attention to short distances (for sights), long distances (for targets), or correcting astigmatism (for bullseye and/or high power). They actually hooked me up with a great set of glasses to help with glare, target contrast, and visual consistency: Rudy's.

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