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Mike Seeklander or TDSA class in Louisiana/MS - FEELER


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Hey guys - as some of you know I moved back south from Oklahoma not too long ago and never got to take a class. I have spoken with a couple of instructors who are both interested in coming down if we have enough to fill a class.


is a class with Mike Seeklander from Season 1 of Top Shot and recognized USPSA Competitor and Trainer. The cost of the class is around $395 +/- with a MINIMUM of 10 participants.


"This class completes the practical handgun training program (299 pages of drills and information) that you will find in my book. This is the “technique” that supports the drills. During the class I will take the students through each component found in the book, teaching them how to teach themselves versus just teaching them technique by itself. This is a revolutionary program that has gotten incredible reviews. It is designed and taught with absolutely minimal equipment (by design), since I know most shooters are limited by their ranges and equipment. I promise that this program will be worth every penny, or your money back (100% guarantee). "


is a class from TDSA in Tulsa. I have spoke with MANY people who claim this is one of the BEST classes out there with great instructors. Matt Hopkins who recently took 2nd High Overall at Double Tap started his career taking AP1 from Marshall and the gang at TDSA. Here is the deal - I spoke with Marshall about traveling to come do a class and he is completely open to it. We are looking at a date in October with a 10 person minimun. Cost of the class would be $500 +/- depending on some travel details.


I need to know the FOLLOWING information:



2) ANYONE have a range where we could do this? Both classes have range equip. requirements that would need to be met. (range can be compensated if needed)

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