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650 Primer Jam ?

Jon Clayton

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My 650 started doing some weird after switching back to large primers yesterday. When cycling the press, at the point that the primer disk rotates to drop the un-used primer into the chute, the priming system jams. It is as if the primer turns sideways as it is dropping out of the disk to fall into the unused primer cute and does not clear the disc so that on the next index it jams. I hope this explanation makes sense :unsure: I contacted Dillon who was great as always and is sending me a new primer punch, but I am not 100% convinced this is the issue. Any suggestions? I double checked that I am indeed using the large primer disk, punch, and tube.


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Can't tell you how to fix it, but that's exactly why I got rid of my 650 and went back to 550's. Got fed up with folded/mangled primers. Even after shipping it to Dillon. When it came back it worked perfectly, until I changed to large primers. Then when I switched back, same problem. Good luck

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I feel dumb now, it was simply that I did not have the primer punch in as tight at is could go so it was slightly below flush on the platform. I thought I had it tight, but a few turns with a wrench brought it up to flush and I was able to load with no issues.


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