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IPSC Rules (not USPSA)


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The IPSC Global Village has a copy of the proposed changes to Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun rules. These rules will be debated and voted on at the IPSC General Assembly (held in Greece in conjunction with the World Shoot). If adopted, the new rules will go into effect in 2012 so they will not affect the forthcoming World Championships.

If you have the time, please take a look at them as there are some significant changes being proposed that will impact any US shooter that travels overseas to shoot or wishes to host/participate in IPSC-rules matches within the USA.

The proposal can be found at this link, if you are not a member of the Global Village then please sign up (its free).

Each IPSC Regional Director has a single vote at the assembly (our representative is Mike Voigt) so please make sure that your opinion is heard.

NB: These rules do not affect USPSA matches, only IPSC.

If you wish to discuss them here, please do so rationally and politely.

Thank you

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