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Looking for C Products mags for 7.62X39mm AR


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Hi all,

I bought an AR chambered in 7.62X39mm Russian about two months ago. It came with just two 30 round mags which were made by C Products of Newington, Connecticut.

I have tried looking at all the usual sources for more mags for it, but no joy. :(

Everybody is out of stock.

So I called around and I got the impression that C Products went out of business. However, one supplier said that they expect them, C Products, to start shipping them mags come June 1st (yes, 2011).

So what really is the scoop on C Products?

Are there any other places you would recommend for me to try looking?

I don't have a regular non-yahoo email account. Otherwise, yeah, I would go register, log in and do a search over at AR15.com . I might just go browse there now to see what I can find.


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thanks for that link...

slight thread drift ahead...

Has anyone actually seen the tooling required to make AR magazines. just thinking out loud here...you've just got 5 parts, right?

1. a left side of the mag

2. a mirror image right side of the mag

3. a floor plate

4. a spring

5. a follower

did I leave out anything?

looking at my mags, there are just a total of 14 spot welds holding it together.

over at that other link or ARFcom the C Products guy said they made 7 million magazines over the course of 7 years.

man, that's a buttload of money.

cha ching$$$

granted everybody and their brother is making .223 AR mags now....but...but...

it kinda sucks you have just one major player doing 7.62X39 AR mags, they have some troubles and WHAMO! that even throws off all the big AR manufacturers.

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All I know is I ordered 4 magazines and they took my money and no product and I get a hold of any one there.

Sounds like they were bought out. Anyone know if they are honoring past unfilled orders????

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click on that ARFcom link I posted up above. if you're short on time, just jump ahead to page 7...which might be page 8 now. supposedly the old C-products guys are trying to honor past orders and warranty work.

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