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Components for Limited/Limited 10


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When does a part or component for Limited/Limited 10 Division need to have a production run of 500 and be generally available to the public?

I've seen people make home made extra large buttons/paddles for their mag release. Is this allowed, or does this technically move the shooter to Open?

If I made my own iron sights, would that bump me into Open?

A guy sells custom grips which are cut from blanks of wood or metal and tailored to individuals, would this be legal for Limited?

Will a home made guide rod, or a limited run of 100 tungsten guide rods from a gunsmith move the shooter into open?

I've installed Henning's flat trigger system on my Tanfoglio. I believe that he's made more than 500, but if he's made less than 500 of these triggers, will that bump me into Open?

Basically, I'm thinking that the "components" referred to in the Special Conditions section of Appendix D2, only refers to frame, slide, barrel. The parts listed in the D2.21 Authorized Modifications are definitely allowed. I'm thinking that all other parts are fair game. (I'm at a loss to explain why the front sight block that was recently approved would need DNROI approval, though, if I limit my list to just the frame, slide, and barrel.)

I know somebody will say "if it looks/walks/swims/etc like I duck, it must be a duck", but somebody please describe to me what a duck is suppose to look/walk/swim like.

In the end, there'll probably be a ruling made by DNROI, (and what the ruling will be maybe surprising at times), but I'd like to get a sense from people with more time in the sport.

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Im a little new to the sport but I think what the 500 count is more towards the design of the gun. ie. Sight trackers. i know 6" sight trackers are not yet permitted. components i think like add-ons are not required to have 500 count production. I know slide rackers are allowed. different shapes of grips, lightened slides, etc.

I know for sure one can be bumped to open IF, magazine will be over 140mm, an optic, comp.

But again, i would love to hear it too from more informed shooters.

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