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Ez Loader keeps snapping pins!


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I am on my 4th pin...

Started off with the supplied pin, then replaced with "stronger" pin, my gun smith suggested it would be fine.

Researched here and tried an RCBS decapping pin. I though I was home free until my last match.

I'll admit my install of the pin may not have been perfect and am willing to give it another shot. It was tough to peen without bending it.

I keep hearing from the peanut gallery that "There must be something wrong with the geometry".

I noticed the pin will contact on one side as it articulates. Not sure what the part is called, but it resets the trigger.

My question for the group is...

What causes the pin to break?

This shotgun ran fine for decades before I added the ezloader on the original pin.

Is it the extra mass bouncing on the pin every shot? Will cutting it down and making it lighter help?

I know I am not the only one having this issue, but I about fed up.

I get about 200 rounds out of her, then the bolt locks back and won't release.

I'm about to switch to a CM carrier and call it a day.

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