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acquiring a small frame elite


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is there any way at all to buy or order a small frame tanfoglio elite stock 2 in 9mm here in the USA?(or any other of the elites for that matter)

it bugs me to no end knowing that just over the border in canada these exist and that we here in the USA have to deal with what eaa DECIDES to import. i really wish that eaa would just simply die and go away.

i would not be interested in conversion kits for this stock 2.

a small or large frame elite of a specific model,are exactly the same gun,..so if eaa is already importing the model,they should have no problem importing the small frame.(from a legal point of view)

do any of you americans own a small frame elite,and if so,how did you get it?

also,the issue is not small hands.i have medium to large hands.the issue is better trigger control and a better feel in your hands.if you want to know what i mean,hold in your hand,back to back,an armalite ar-24,witness classic 1 or ria/armscor map1 and then your elite.any of these cheap three will put to shame how your expensive elite feels in your hand and the type of trigger technique i use in DA mode for no lateral/horizontal pulling.

i would also not be interested in changing to SAO or drastically modifying the grip on this particular buy.


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