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Force 22lr - need some info.

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Can the "force 22lr" from Tanfoglio be had here in the United states. I would really like to have this as a dedicated trainer. I own an Elite Match and believe that the Force 22lr would be the ideal item to complement it. In my various searches, I have heard that you might be able to buy one in Canada. Is it possible to bring one of these over with out significant hassle? Do you are anyone you know have one they might want to sell?

I have the 22lr slide for my Match but I suspect it will not work quite as consistently as I would like. Its a pain in the ass to get on and off due to the fact that the barrel flange hole, best term i can think of, that the slide release would slide though is a little off. I can't get the hole to exactly line up with the one on the the lower. I feel like the hole should be longer just like it is on all of my other slides. This is the only one that is not "stretched." Once it is installed, The slide will not consistently cycle even when operated by hand.

The force 22lr would also be ideal because the weight of it's polymer frame and aluminum slide would more accurately simulate the recoil I would experience with the steel frame 9mm.

The force is also Single action and has similar controls, i.e manual saftey on the lower. It will also lock the slide back after the last round.

Lastly, the small frame on the Force 22lr would be useful when my girl friend wants to come along and shoot as well. She has small hands.

This is what I am referring to if you haven't heard of one before:

post-31848-025835900 1304531521_thumb.gi

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