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2011 Independence Day Action Rifle Match

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2011 Independence Day Action Rifle Match

You are invited to participate in AzCDL’s sixth annual

Independence Day Action Rifle Match on July 4, 2011.

This event is hosted by the Pima Pistol Club ACTS Division.

The range is located at 13990 N. Lago Del Oro Parkway, Catalina, Arizona.

Participation is limited to 60 participants (get your application in today!)

The total match fee is $40 and includes a one year membership in AzCDL.

$25 is payable in advance to AzCDL along with your application.

The remaining $15 must be paid to the Pima Pistol Club the day of the match.

Match Application: http://www.azcdl.org/2011RifleMatchAppl.pdf

Pay Online: http://www.azcdl.org/html/online_store.html

Match Rules: http://www.azcdl.org/2011RifleMatchRules.pdf

You may also apply online at AzCDL’s online store.

(Scroll to the bottom of the online store page).

Firearms Classifications

Iron: Iron Sights only, Compensators must be less than 1” diameter X 3” length, no bipods allowed

Reflex: Any optic with NO magnification (Back up iron sights allowed). Compensators must be less than 1” diameter X 3” length, no bipods allowed

Scope: Rifle: Any single optic may be used, Compensators must be less than 1” diameter X 3” length, no bipods allowed

Open: Rifle: No limitations on accessories

Trooper: No limitations on accessories.

• Troopers must carry all ammunition they will use for the entire match on every stage.

• Troopers are required to participate in all physical challenges

• Troopers must use the same rifle for the duration of the match, or have tools/cleaning equipment/parts with them to fix it if it stops working.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will drop the shooter out of Trooper into whatever division their rifle would put them in.

Independence Day Match July 4th 2011


Pima Pistol Club

13990 N. Lago Del Oro Pkwy

Catalina, Arizona

Range office phone: (520) 825-3603. Only call them for range directions. They will not have details about the match.


Total Match Fee is $40.00

$25.00 payable to AZCDL in advance. $15.00 to be paid to Pima Pistol Club the day of the match.


Monday July 4th 2011

8:30 AM Sign in

9:00 AM Shooters Briefing

Immediately following shooters meeting all ranges go hot

1:00 PM Shooting finished, clean up range

2:00 PM Scores and Prizes

What to bring

A rifle

At least 200 rounds of ammo

Lots of water/drinks


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much ammo do I need? A required maximum of 160 rounds. If you miss, you will need more. You will also need more if you need to reshoot a stage due to range equipment failure. We recommend you bring 200-250 depending on your shooting ability, more ammo is always better.

How far are the targets? Pima Pistol Club offers us the ability to shoot to 200 yards. Expect targets from 0-200 yards.

How big are the targets? Targets will be no smaller than 4 MOA at range.

What guns do I need? As the name implies, this is a rifle only match. We ask that you leave your handguns in your vehicle to comply with Cold Range rules. No handguns will be required on any stage of the match.

How is this event scored? Score is based on the time it takes you to complete the stages with penalties added in the form of time. Lowest time wins in each division.

How physically challenging is this match? Expect some short sprints, shooting from kneeling and prone, and some obstacle negotiation. If you have physical limitations we can find a way to accommodate you. There will be some optional physical challenges for bonuses.

I don’t think I have the right equipment? All you need is a rifle that is sighted in and ammo. You don’t need magazine carriers; just throw magazines in your pockets if that’s all you have. Shooting the match will give you the opportunity to learn how well your equipment works and to see what equipment people are using and how well it works for them.

I don’t think I am ready for a competition? No one is ever ready for their first competition. It is simply something you cannot fully prepare for until you have done it. Focus on being safe, making your hits, and having a good time. Don’t go faster than your skill levels will let you. This is a charity match for a good cause, and all the prizes are awarded by random drawing; even if you are last you can still win something cool

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Scores are posted:


Kelly Neal First Place Scoped and Overall.

Mike Panone First Place Reflex and second overall.

Russell Phagan First Place Trooper and fourth overall

Grant M First Place Iron

Ron A First Place Open

Trooper was the most popular division with 20 competitors.


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