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News from the Chipmunk Hunt


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I started and am continuing to foster a target shoot

at my family reunion/ potluck/ yearly party

this happened last August.

I took forever to decide to share this.

I am totally embarrassed, I got beat.

by a woman

who I taught

that day

after she said:

"how hard can it be?

put the x on the target and shoot it...."

oh the pain.

my only defense is that she had a glass of good wine

in her at the time....

She solidly showed me the rifle is more accurate than me.

I knew I could improve, so now I know it is the indian.

oh how I can improve....

the few guys,mainly cousins, who take up the hunt for sport

and bragging rights are all about the same as me.

we used a beanbag on a card table.

and we use a spotting scope...

most of us are within an inch at 50 yards

no real patterns from anyone.

two rifles are a 22LR and a 17HMR.

from what I have read, in the magazines, every one is better than us.

The lovely lady previously mentioned

took 5 shots placed 4 in a line less than a half inch long

We do not know where the missing shot hit.

and the line was about a half inch from center.

(I had been deciding the sight was pointing a little low and left...

basily she confirmed my observations)

later on I realized she thought we were patronizing her

when we told her she won.

the best display of marksmanship among us...

I decided not to tell her the bar is not high...

I had a lot of fun putting holes in paper

and adjusting the scope.

next time I'll have her shoot before the wine...

ahem... no creatures were harmed in this Chipmunk Hunt.

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