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2011 Masters Shooting Championship

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We're into the new year now and everyone is looking at and thinking about which matches to attend in the coming year. Those of us who shoot the Masters are looking forward to another trip to Barry in August, to shoot, visit with old friends and enjoy the best competition ever put together. The wives, and moms, will be hanging out under the "tree", enjoying the shade and the time to just relax. Maybe a trip to Quincy for shopping. The shooters will be cussing and discussing their scores, as shooters always do. What load they're shooting this year, what they're going to try next. You'd think, after 25 years that would be all figured out. Yea, you'd think so. Might be that "Star Trek" thing, to "go where noone has gone before" , lol. It's a blast to watch the sub-juniors shoot, amazing what they can do. Had a 44 shot last year, in long range. By a sub-junior!! Probably have to come up with tougher course of fire for them real soon.

It's a funny thing, how the human machine can remember a smell, a touch, a taste, the way your gun should sit in your hand, but can't remember pain. Only the heart and mind can hold onto anger. If you only ever came to the Masters for what you could get out of it, we'll see you somewhere else. If you came to participate in the most diverse, difficult, unique match ever put together, come again. It's all still here. And the competition is as tough as ever. If not they'll make it that way next year, I garauntee

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