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The Draw


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In the beginning everyone trys to get that 1 second or less draw.

I have a few tips and sugestions.

When dry firing pay attention to where your elbows go. Do they go out (like chicken wings) or straight back? When you go for the pistol, start slow and try to keep both elbows moving straight to the rear in line with where you will present the pistol (i.e. straight away from and to the target). Less movment equals smoother and faster draws. When live firing at practice do this. Warm up then do what you feel is your lightening draw. Check your time.Do several for a baseline. Then draw in a smooth presise manner, not rushing or forceing it. just smooth medium speed to your "fast draw". Keep the target at 7 yards or so and only A hits will count for time. Keep those elbows in line to the target and pay attention. Let us know how it works. When you surrender draw find a spot you like for your hands to be that you can repeat (i.e. touch your ears or glasses, bill of your cap) just so it is repeatable. then do the above drill from surrender (elbows in and staight back and foward, same as before).


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If you can take video of your dry fire draw, it really helps. Rather than focus on the elbows, I look at the shoulders (but it's definitely not bad to look at elbows). If the shoulder moves up, out, etc, it will make the elbows move too much as well. Depending on body and holster type, there might be a little displacement of the shoulder, but the less the better. Just one more place to look. I've even done dry fire facing a mirror, and simply watched my shoulders. That's also how I set up a new holster (race holster that you can adjust)....put it where you see the least shoulder movement for both standard and hands above shoulders. R,

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