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Hornady Bullet Feeder efficency

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Hi All

The past few weeks I have moved my reloading equipment from the Garage to a small room inside the house.

Making sure of the setup I made 500 rounds of various calibers.

The Bullet Feeder my latest reloading toy is a very nice unit but it's rate of feed especially towards the last 20 rounds was a bit slow at around 6 min.

Re Reading the instructions I noticed that you could use the Top Two holes to attach the Bullet Feeder. The instructions say this will speed up efficiency remember it just has to keep up with me not beat me.

Well now the Bullet Feeder will feed 100 Bullets in approximately 4 Minutes.

So if you are outrunning the Feeder consider moving the Feeder attachment to the top Two Holes of the Red Stand.

" The Tilt of the unit is less"

What else have you come up with anything??


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