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practical shotgun Palmyra, Pa.

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Will you have a registration form for the shotgun match? I'm sure there are guys from LPRGC who will be interested.


yes, for registration please email allison at...


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so the last two emails i got were.. how many rds can i put in my saiga? well u can only use your saiga in open, and since open is open u can put as many as u would like :devil: maybe that will motivate me to get a saiga or an xrail thingy :roflol:

limited and pump are 9 in the gun to start

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just got some new toys from GT target stands. swingers, out and backs, clay bird holders and a pile of paper stands. i cant wait for june :D

June! maybe something sooner so we can test all that new stuff out? :cheers:

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