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Big Randy Nielsen

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Big Randy Nielsen “The Pride of Winnemucca”

Our friend Big Randy is going on the long term Injured Reserve list.

Right now he’s in the hospital with a really bad leg infection. And it looks like he’ll be in for over a month while they watch him very closely and pump massive amounts of antibiotics.

Big Randy is a fixture here on the So Cal IDPA, USPSA and 3 Gun circuit and has introduced the competitive shooting sports to dozens and dozens of shooters over the last 15 years.

He is awake and taking nourishment but audiences are not being granted at this time (face it Big Randy in an assless hospital gown and tanked up on the impressive amount of pain meds that are needed for a boy of his constitution is not an image I wish upon anyone.)

He himself has said that his nurses do not get paid enough.

He did mention that they took away the little button that self administers pain medication, seems that his fast twitch trigger finger helplessly kept clicking away and irritated others in ICU all night.

His sense of humor is intact despite surgery and the accompanying pain drugs; he did a good twenty minutes on ICU bedpans.

If you wish to email Big Randy with the normal content and adult entertainment sites, Social commentary and personal abuse . . .you know . . . stuff to keep him occupied . . . n2moto@ca.rr.com but realize that his replies will be filtered through pain meds . . . might just be funnier.

Big Randy is not a guy given up to public displays of prayer . . . other than “Please God, Don’t let me screw up this stage!!!” Or “God why is it snowing on me at Superstation mountain this year???”

Send Prayers if you like, Or in keeping with his personal philosophy . . . this month take a NOOB out to the Range and give them a taste of the Shooting game . . . .Tell them Big Randy sent you.

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