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Sling mount for Limited M1 Field?


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I think I've settled on a 21" VR M1 Field for a USPSA Limited / Tactical 3G shotgun, with a DMW/SSI 8rd extension and buckhorn rear/fiber front sights.

With a S90, the Giles sling is a no brainer, but...

The M1 Field has a stud for a sling swivel on the stock; if I use a DMW extension will the S90 front sling mount/plate fit at the collar? Is there another sling mount that will work? Has anybody added a mount to the Benelli barrel/mag clamp?

With the extended mag tube, I will lose the swivel stud on the M1 Field magazine cap, so without the s90 type plate, there's no place up front to hang a sling.

Perhaps most important, do I need to have a sling for a 3 Gun shotgun? For the few major 3 Gun events I've shot in the past, I don't recall needing a sling for my shotgun, but my experience is hardly comprehensive.

Have you ever needed a sling for a 3 Gun shotgun in a match?

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I have basiclly the same set up as you.

Heres what i did.

I put a loop of 550 cord through half of the DMW extention tube clamp and attached the sling hardware to the loop. Kinda looked hookie/weak so I put another loop of 550 cord around it. Not swank or cool but it works.

Most of the matches I've shot havent required a sling yet. But soon as you dont have it. Some course of fire will require one!!!

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But soon as you dont have it. Some course of fire will require one!!!

Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking. Better to have and not need, etc etc..

I'm looking at the Giles setup and I may be able to rig something like you did up front using the clamp.

550 cord probably looks better than a zip tie, anyway!

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If I/you could find a bolt that go's through barrel clamp that has a hole drilled in it to except the sling swivel that would be a little cleaner.

Maybe someone knows where you/I could get this bolt/swivel part? I would like to get rid of the cord myself.

Also, I use Kyle's butstock adapter at the rear and his adjustable sling . If you havent checked this set up out you might want to. Works great for me.

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