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Hello from central Iowa


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Hello from central Iowa. My name is Eric I am a former USPSA shooter but have been away from shooting for a number of years due to my job and some health issues. I spent this summer having joint replacement surgeries and now that I have two new prosthetic hips I feel I will strong enough to return to shooting this spring. The short story is that I am only 43 and have a nasty form of arthritis. I have a Para P45-45 Limited that I will be shooting. I need to make some upgrades to it, I would like to add a fiber optic front site and a magwell so any advice on what size of front site to use would be greatly appreciated. I am looking at a Dawson .185 x .100. During my recovery this summer I became extremely bored and dusted off my Dillon RL550B to load some .45 ACP, .38 Special and 9 MM. While spending time loading I started to think about getting back into shooting again. Needless to say I am very excited to get back into the game. I was thinking about upgrading my Para to something new but I think I will see how it goes before doing anything drastic. I am new to this forum stuff so go easy on me. I am glad to have found this site.


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Eric - welcome. Always great to see a fellow midwesterner on the site. Dawson FO sites are fantastic - as to the height, a lot of that is dependent on any rear site upgrade you do and what you're shooting/loading, but what you've mentioned is a good place to start. You'll soon be hooked again...

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