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Mover Front Sights for Bianchi

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Here are some photos of the mover front sight.

post-10360-075688800 1286749535_thumb.jp
Top view, centered.

post-10360-071232500 1286749554_thumb.jp
Top view, target R. to L.

post-10360-091272300 1286749563_thumb.jp
Top view, target L. to R.

post-10360-001780200 1286749572_thumb.jp
Side view.

post-10360-075928000 1286750404_thumb.jp
Mounted on slide. .300 tall from top of slide.
Width of blade from .090 to .125, you decide.
Amount of lead is adjustable to your FPS by screws on the side.
Sights are made to order, not on the shelf.

To order:

Check this post.

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