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putting on a good match, Divisions/Prize table

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The next two items are probably the most controversial subjects in all of multigun. First are the

divisions we compete in, what divisions will you recognize at your match? In my career of shooting

3 gun/multigun we have gone from a very easily manageable 2 divisions (limited/open) to an elaborate

conglomeration of 11 divisions. I have seen one division spring from the original 2 and pretty much

kill its parents. I have seen MD’s adjust, twist, and skew another division to the point that 5 somewhat

different, somewhat similar divisions now exist. This silliness needs to stop, variety may be nice in a

box of chocolates, but it has no good outcome in a multigun match.

MD’s, repeat after me………fewer is better!! Guess what they do internationally? 2 divisions and they

both are supported extremely well. Matches that recognize fewer divisions still sellout, I would

recommend no more than 4 divisions for a match. The MD/RM can decide which ones, but any more

than 4, causes excuses to be made to allow more. Some consolidation can be made to accommodate

some equipment, such as allowing 1x optic sight on a rifle to compete head to head with iron sights.

This could increase participation in the 2 main iron sight classes, Tactical Iron and Heavy Metal,

from my discussions with the top shooters in those respective divisions, they would welcome the

competition, if you include Open and Tactical Optic with those 2 divisions then you have your 4

divisions. I firmly believe the core 3 divisions that we now have, the parents and the offspring,

Open, Tac Iron, and Tac Optic need to stay, but Tac Iron needs new life breathed into it. Changing it to

Tac Unmagnified division and allowing 1x optical sights, should help it become a rival to Tac Optic, which

could be renamed Tac Magnified. Either way we need to get away from so many divisions in a match,

doing so will allow for prize tables to be easier to set up and allow high dollar prizes to go deeper in the

rankings, but that’s the next of our controversial duo.

The prize table………..So many people deceive themselves when they say what they think others want to

hear, “ I just shoot for the competition”, “The prize table isn’t important to me”. Then why do you look

so intently for your prize? Why does it take you so long to decide? Why do you wish you had made a

better choice? The prize table is the culmination of your effort for that particular match, it is your

reward for your work and preparation. It is a small token of appreciation, to some it is held in high

regard, to others it will be sold to help offset costs. The actual monetary value will not compensate the

competitor for their time and money, even at the highest levels. The sentimental reward for others will

more than compensate and will encourage further participation. So with all of these views, how does a

MD make the prize table fair and equitable? Ideally it should be set up with regard to the level of

competition in that individual division. If a division has 40 competitors and 5 of them are top level

shooters that could win the division, then the top prizes should be allotted fairly for the percentage of

competition in that class, not just the total amount of 40 competitors. Too often a prize table is set up

based solely on the total numbers in that division without regard to the level of competition, this hurts

the divisions with less participants but with the same or higher level of competition. Any competitor

that achieves a 90% or greater finish in their respective division, provided that division has a top level

competitor in it, deserves suitable recognition for the effort. Using the 90 percentile as a guide would

ensure top prizes go to all top finishes. While this topic is very controversial, it is a fact that there are

matches that attract competitors largely because of the reward at the end of the rainbow. If you truly

are one who shoots a match for the competition, then you can leave the match after your last shot is

fired and leave your prize on the table for the next guy, think of how much sooner you’ll get home.

Personally I like getting a prize, maybe that’s why I still buy Cracker Jacks!!

Thats it for the match, however one last bit needs to be said and that is about YOU!!!

Being a good competitor/participant, follows..............thanks.

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Somehow I managed to overlook some points in my handwritten notes,.........

Another item that seems to be more and more common is the practice of placing multiple items in bags or simply surprise packages???????? this practice should STOP!!!!! the high dollar items are not placed in closed boxes and then competitors made to pick w/o knowing exactly what they are getting, neither should the rest of the competitors. This again simply comes across as laziness on the part of the MD and prize coordinator, and shows disrespect to both the shooters and the sponsors. I understand that space can be an issue but just like ensuring that you have enough props for your match, a good MD should ensure that enough space and tables are available for proper display of the rewards of our labors.

Rushing participants through prize selection is another practice that needs to be done away with, just because its the end of the match does not mean you can throw away all the consideration given to timeliness, if at all possible allow competitors to see the prizes prior to selection, most of us know where we should start looking, this allows for better flow through the prize tables. If prior inspection is not possible then ample time needs to be given to selectors, just as ample time is needed for a shooters walk thru on a stage.

I am aware of a prize table matrix, that Linda Chico has that seems to hold promise, and could possibly be printed prior to prize selection to allow competitors to have an idea of what is on the table. the Steel Challenge utilizes a printed list of prizes and as they are selected they are removed from the list so that competitors can keep updated on what is still available, this seems to work very well. Care and consideration should not be dropped just because the light at the end of the tunnel is upon us, when all is said and done your prize is what you take home with you, along with memories.


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