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putting on a good match, other target types

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Lets now look at other targets, more complex ones, swingers, stars, clamshells, drop turners, sliders, etc.

The more complex targets get the more care needs to be given to ensure proper operation and fair

target presentation for all competitors. You should also ensure that spare targets are available if a

replacement is needed so do not use all of your available targets, always have a back up. The next point

is more about stage design but it relates to target usage. Do not throw targets onto a stage just to

bump up the round count, an experienced competitor will notice and it will degrade a good stage.

Target placement should allow a competitor to flow through a stage without large areas of nothing to

do or running for the sake of running. Above all else targets need to be seen and be doable by your

average competitor.

Timelyness to follow,..........thanks

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