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New Mag Release Button :D


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Im thinking about cutting it down to a slightly reasonable size.. maybe.

I took the grinder to a nickel.. then some sand paper.. got it as flat as I could and started a polishing it.

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How did you attach the nickel to the mag release?

(I've got short thumbs, too. I keep on having to shift my grip to do a reload, and I get to do it a lot playing in L10. The Henning aluminium grips helped so that I don't have to shift my grip quite as much.)

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I've got big thumbs.. but not big enough..

I used JB Weld on it.

I'm getting ready to preorder a couple of Hennings new ones.. just thought I'd play around with one I had laying around.

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How's the JB Weld holding up?

I was thinking about getting one of these. My thought is I would heat up the factory magazine release button, then melt-fit the plastic button into the checkering (to increase the mating surface). A little JB Weld or similar epoxy would hold it in place.

However, due to the nature of a short thumb, a lot of torque will be placed on the button. The JB Weld will be under a lot of stress.


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