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Missing today's ALSPPC Match


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Up front, let me be clear and say that I love being a Soldier and wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very luck to have a steady career in a time of such great economic turmoil. The Army's provided opportunities for education, travel, excitement, and experiences that define who I am as a person.

That said, the 24/7 nature of the military can certainly interfere with everyday "life". Case in point - made big plans to shoot the ALSPPC Classifier match in Austin today. Cleaned my open gun and mags, loaded up the bag, double checked ammo, etc. Then, shortly before midnight, I get an unexpected phone call requiring my presence at work this morning. The requirement only took about 90 minutes, but still caused me to miss the match.

Wouldn't be so bad, but "General Chang" even made a point of calling / harrassing me about my lack of recent participation in his matches and I assured him I'd make this one. Sorry Sheldon - I owe you one, brother! :cheers:

I know lots of folks have jobs where they get called away at a moments notice - it's not just an Army thing. Hopefully, after I retire, I'll hold a job with more predictability.

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