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Which Barrel?


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I have an XD Tactical 9mm and I'm thinking about getting a match grade barrel.

Not sure if I should just spend the time and money and go with a Barsto or if a Storm Lake or other less expensive brand would work just as well.

My goal is to eek out a little more accuracy from the gun.

All recommendations and suggestions are welcome!

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I had two Xd's worked on by Canyon Creek. My 9mm had a match Storm Lake barrel fit and it did NOT do much to increase the accuracy of the pistol. Still shooting 3" groups at 15 yards. My 45acp XD had the factory barrel accurized by CC and that handgun shoots sub 1" groups at 15 yards. A real tack driver. My advice would be to talk to Rich at CC or contact Springer Precision and ask them what they recommend.

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I went with a Bar-Sto in my XD9 Tactical and had it fit by Rich. It helps with accuracy a bit but what I've really noticed is that it's a VERY fast barrel compared to the stock barrel. Using 124gr MG JHP, 4.0 gr Titegroup at COL 1.125" my pf was 135. That was chrono'd by me and at Area 5. So, it does give you some extra push which is nice. I can drop my loads down to where they're VERY soft and still have no problem making pf, especially when using 147gr. No problem with the gun functioning either, just a different recoil spring added. If you buy from Bar-Sto be prepared to wait about 16 weeks for them to get it to you.

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