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Shell catching on crimper?

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I'm pretty new to reloading so i may be making something out of nothing. This is with 10mm auto.

When I lower the shell out of the crimper, it feels like the crimper is grabbing the shell or the shell is catching on something. It didn't really start happening till i had made over 1000 rounds.

I'm using a Lee anniversary single stage press. Dillon crimper, just crimps, not the seat crimp type. New winchester brass, and winchester bullets.

The size still comes out correct. I've cleaned the die and the problem goes away for maybe 10 rounds then starts coming back. To clean I'm basically just pushing a clean rag thru the die and twisting it around some. It doesn't seem like I've made enough rounds for it to be dirty.

Not sure what other details I can give, sort of hoping this is something common and everyone, but me knows what the problem is :).



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