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.300 Win. Mag. Load For 210 Grain Berger VLD's?

Bill T

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I was wondering if anyone out there has stumbled on to a sweet load in the .300 Win. Mag. with 210 grain Berger VLD bullets? I'm loading with IMR 4831, but also plan on some loads with Reloader 22. My plan is to shoot these out of both my Kimber 8400 L.A. Police Tactical as well as my Savage 110 FCP-K, seated out to .010 to no more than .020 off the lands.

I just loaded up some Sierra 180 Gr. Matchkings with 71.6 Gr. of IMR 4831. I'm using Federal Gold Medal 215-M Magnum Benchrest Primers with everything. I have high hopes for both of these rifles, so if anyone has an exceptionally good recipe to share, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance, Bill T.

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My current load is 80.1 grains of H1000 with the 210vlds. I do not have the oal on my right now, but I am running them pretty long. This is a compressed load. I am running it in my Armalite AR-30 bolt gun at 3167fps.


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